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The ZBE Chromira ProLab

Making the Case for the

Chromira ProLab

ZBE Inc. 1035 Cindy Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013

Email: info@zbe.com, Ph: 805-576-1600, Fax: 805-576-1600

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Chromira ProLab Quick Facts

 Launched February 2007

 100+ units installed worldwide

 Installations in 25 countries

 Continually upgraded for maximum efficiency

and usability

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The Ultimate Silver Halide

Printing System

 Unprecedented productivity and cost savings


New Products New Customers

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The Ultimate Silver Halide

Printing System, Cont’d.

 Greatest versatility of any silver halide printer in the

world: print wallets to banners

Fine Art, Commercial, School/Sports, Weddings,

and much more!